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This house, originally located at Seven Hills, was stripped by us of asbestos. It was then transported to Park Street in Ipswich. The house was spilt in two and had to be reconnected. I was asked to do a full refit and clean up with other builders. Load bearing walls were moved and extensions done. The house took on new life from the previous design.

Flooring Ipswich 1.1

Flooring Ipswich 1.2


We supported all the load bearing points with Acrow props then started pulling apart unwanted members. Once the area was opened up, we fixed down the structural ply then secret nailed the hardwood floor into place. Expansion joints were also placed, allowing for 10% moisture.

Flooring Ipswich 2.1

Flooring Ipswich 2.2


An open plan living dining area was achieved with lots of natural light coming in. The kitchen area was also an entry point to the rear deck and stairs. The Gyprock was all square set for that minimalized look.

Flooring Ipswich 3.1

Flooring Ipswich 3.2

Flooring Ipswich 3.3