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The Reengineering Of The Deck

The clients wanted to reuse as much of the old deck as possible so we used the existing joists and decking. Bearers, pole plate and posts were replaced to specs. It was tricky work threading nine metre long steel posts through the deck. The only way this could be done was through mechanical means. The council was also involved with sewer modifications and inspections to approve the renovations of the pre existing deck.

Stafford Heights 3.1

Deck works posts 1

Installing posts

Stafford Heights 3.2

All in a days work

The one thing with building is that your day finishes when the task is completed. Sometimes it is not worth while doing a few hours the following day. You always need to ensure that there is integrity in the structure and you need to ensure that the site is safe before you go home. This is just common sense but it is also  legislative now. So here we are a twelve hour day.

jpg 20 stafford deck

A long days work