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The Task

The client had a property under contract which was subject to drainage rectification in order to pass the council and building inspection. A storm water pit had to be dug and piped to the gutters. It also had to take the overflow from the water tanks. A trenches had to be dug and the best way was by excavator.

storm water piping 2

Storm water piping 2

Process And Result

Once the trenches were dug and the pit was excavated the pipes were laid and connected. 100 mm PVC pipe needs to be used as 90 mm ┬ástorm water pipe doesn’t meet standards anymore. Plumbers pals were installed as an out let and an inspection point.

Digging pit

Stormwater pit connection

Refilling / compacting

Once the pipe work was fully connected and the levels tested I back filled and compacted the soil and laid the turf back in place. Here is a photo to show you the end result.