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The client purchased the house but was unhappy with the functionality of the kitchen the rear deck and living area.  It was outdated and needed a fresh approach. The colour was an apricot colour and that definitely had to go. Structural changes to opening sizes as well as repairs to flooring and a full list of other things.

IMG_8059 copy

IMG_8057 IMG_8069

Lounge external wall area also had to be removed and bifolds put in place.

IMG_8220 edited

Master bedroom cupboards needed a finish closed build to match existing.


And so we began chopping and ripping things out while supporting the structures as we went along.


The Process Continued

Floor repairs. Borers had a field day in the old hoop pine floors. It was old damage but none the less had to be repaired.  So I started cutting out the affected areas.

IMG_8275 IMG_8276 IMG_8279 IMG_8278IMG_8280The bedrooms where the repair was done came up well after the sanding, staining and varnish. We did have trouble with old stains coming through so we had to re sand many sections to get the right finish.


Inbuilt cupboard and top bulkhead built to replicate the bottom half.




Sanding and cleaning of the walls, doors and the windows was done throughout the house two levels. IMG_8174 IMG_8193

IMG_8095 IMG_8340


The client had an existing deck. It leaked it was dark inside the kitchen area and it was built wrong with things installed back to front. The clients decided it was time for it to go.

They didn’t know how to start so I arranged everything from the draftsman to the engineering, council certifier and me the builder.





I was asked by the client to repair and restore the existing deck and to build a walkway from the garage to the deck at the rear of the house. The clients pet dogs messed up the pathways so this would also fix that problem.


DSC00719 copy


The property is situated on a busy road as well as having only pathway access to the back of the house everything had to be carried and removed by hand.  The plan was to make sure that materials were on site during and after the footings were dug and soil removed. With limited access it had to be a very clean work site every day. This was also a safety issue to address.




The Challenges

The existing deck was so low to the ground that the soil was touching the underside of the bearers in places. We removed the soil as well as loose timber laying there. The spa had to be removed and the deck sanded and stained to make the deck look new.  An extension had to be made to look original. Also a pair of gates had to be made.



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