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My Drink Driving Liquor Cabinet

Below you will see the makings of one of my arty pieces. I called it drink driving cabinet. Not that I drink and drive, I condemn it. There are too many lives lost to stupidity. Any way I had half meter flash flood through my factory in the Coorparoo floods and I lost a lot of photos of my furniture which I made over the years not to mention the damage to my tools equipment materials etc. No I wasn’t insured. Anyway they wouldn’t have paid me anyway.

The backbone of this piece is a steel frame 25x25mm box section. This is where I really started all my welding practice.  Then I lined the frame in recycled hoop pine and painted it. Then I gave it the distressed look and varnished it.

DSC00364 DSC00362

My Todaiji Book Shelf

When I lived in Japan I enjoyed going to the temples. Here is an extension of what grander that you feel when your in front of an object/ building/ furniture. I visited one of the biggest timber buildings in the world “Todaiji Temple” in Nara Japan. So I incorporated the same feeling in some of my pieces of furniture.

Believe it or not, this is made of recycled shipping crates and pallets.

It is a two piece book case, it needs to be.

DSC00478 DSC00273